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Compression limiters are commonly used in applications where a compressive load is applied to a plastic assembly. The compression limiter strengthens the plastic and resists the load that is applied. The integrity of the plastic, therefore, is not compromised. Compression Limiter is necessary to avoid the creep or stress relaxation in the mating component from reducing the frictional load in the threaded joint.

In some plastic moulding, Headed Compression Limiters are used to increase Surface Contact between the mating components.

Different types of Compression Limiters are available as per there Design Performance Criteria as below :

  • Knurled Compression Limiters
  • Metal Rings
  • Compression Rings
  • Flanged Compression Limiters
  • Symmetrical Compression Limiters
  • Compression Limiters with OVAL Hole
  • Compression Limiter Bushing
  • Overmoulded Compression Limiters
  • Crimped Compression Limiters
  • Anti-creep Spacers

Compression limiters are non-threaded bushings that strengthen the plastic and resist the applied compressive loads. Solid compression limiters provide a strong and reliable defence against the stresses caused by fastener torque.
Installation of Compression Limiters can be done through various technique using heat, ultrasonic, mold-in, or press-in.

Material : Brass, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.

Compression limiters are made to meet your individual specifications. Various lengths and sizes can be manufactured to accommodate inch and metric bolts.


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Material :
Our Threaded Inserts are available in Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium & Silicon Bronze material as per Fastening Applications.


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