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Manufacturing Capabilities

Deepak Brass Industries are loaded with Automatic Bar Machine specially designed to offer a cost-effective means for high-volume production of close tolerance parts turned from a bar. Our Special Purpose Automatic Bar Machine capability eliminates the need for costly secondary operations. Also Includes various types of SPM & Rotary Transfers for Secondary Operation

Bar Stock Capacity
  • Round bar starting at .059" [1.5mm] up to 2.559" [65mm]
  • Hex bar starting at .078" [2mm] up to 2.755" [70mm]
  • Square bar starting at .078" [2mm] up to 2.755" [70mm]

Tolerance Capability
  • Lengths as close as ±.002" [0.05mm]
  • Diameters as close as ±.001" [0.025mm]

Material Capability
Brass, Bronze, Copper, Silicon Bronze, Phosphorous Bronze, Aluminium, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Parts Cleaning & Surface Treatment
Indian Make aqueous parts washing system cleans and dries all types of Components. These system employs agitation, rotation, submersion, jet-spray and ultrasonic cleaning methods. It removes Metal Turning Chips, Debris, Cutting Fluids and make them Moisture Free.
Surface Treatment available includes Heat Treatment, various types of Electroplating to avoid Environmental effect. Salt Spray Analysis also available as per request.

Quality Assurance
Laser Sorting facility available with us for Sorting of High Volume Automotive Components & other Inserts. They check Overall Length, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, Thread Presence and Through Hole Obstruction. These are being sorted with the speed of 450 Pieces / Minutes. They ensure us 100% for Zero Dimensional changes.

All our products are fully traceable through the manufacturing process back to raw material. We can supply on request certification for :

  • Declaration of order conformity
  • Product conformity
  • Initial Sample Inspection Report
  • Raw Material Chemical Analysis
  • Heat Treatment
  • Plating

We can provide PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation to level 3 and can submit material data sheets for our products using the International Material Data System (IMDS).

Parts kitting service
Our parts kitting service is used to supply complex, multi-level kits of parts for our OEM customers. Computer controlled systems ensure all components and assemblies involved in a kit are purchased, manufactured and kitted together in accordance with the customer's specification.
Our stringent quality system ensures the kits are produced correctly and in accordance with the customer's specification at every stage of the process which is quality controlled to ensure 100% conformance.

The advantages of our parts kitting service to the customer are significant :

  • Reduced Purchasing Activity
  • Faster Goods Receipt
  • Reduced Supplier Management
  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduced Purchase Ledger Activity
  • Sub Assemblies

By reducing the number of items on your Bill of Material, you will reduce the costs of your end assembly by having fewer parts to source, purchase, inspect, count and pay for. Deepak Brass Industries has the capabilities in house to perform these tasks for you and provide a complete subassembly that can be shipped direct to your finally assembly area.

With Deepak Brass Industries efficiently managing subassemblies for you, will have a significant effect in the reduction on your cash flow, warehouse space that is required as they are delivering just what you need, as well as, the overall product cost through the use of their competitive rates and proven sourcing skills.

Our team has vast experience designing and implementing effective VMI & KANBAN systems in all types of facilities which automate the product flow in your manufacturing operation and eliminating the time spend manually monitoring the inventory levels for key components on the floor. Our Aim is to make the flow of Business Faster than ever with Full Fledged Growth.

Custom Engineered solutions
Didn't find what you're looking for? We welcome the opportunity to design a Threaded Inserts that fits your exact requirements over a broad range of fastening applications. DEEPAK BRASS INDUSTRIES Engineers are available and ready to assist you in the design and development of THREADED INSERTS for your Fastening Solutions. We can also provide sample parts and Performance test data.


Threaded Inserts for Plastics, Threaded Inserts for Thermosetting Plastics, Threaded Inserts for Thermoplastics, Threaded Inserts for Injection Moulding, Threaded Inserts for Sheet Metals. Threaded Inserts for Woods, Timber, Plywood & Laminates, Threaded Inserts for Fibreglass, Threaded Inserts for Epoxy & Rubber, Threaded Inserts for PCBs, Custom Inserts for various Fastening Solutions.

Material :
Our Threaded Inserts are available in Brass, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium & Silicon Bronze material as per Fastening Applications.


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